Efectos Navales Pombo is a family business located in the city of A Corua, with a long and distinguished career in the marketing and distribution of supplies and chandlery for all types of vessels, both nationally and internationally.

How are we born?

Efectos Navales Pombo was born in A Corua (Spain) in the 40s, in order to equip the fleet of A Coruas Port.

With this aim, its founder, Manuel Pombo, decides to open to the public the first specialized store in marketing chandlery in A Corua, to which he provides many years of experience as a fisherman and as a vessel owner.

Among the many achievements of Manuel Pombo, we could highlight the introduction of nylon nettings as a substitute for the cotton and hemp ones and the invention of a new line hauler that significantly improved the collection of longlines.


We focus our marketing activity on selling supplies for Fishing and Nautical Sports, being a national reference in this area.

Our aim is to offer our customers the best service possible, and to achieve this we develop a continuous research for new quality products, always meeting the needs and demands of the shipping industry.


Our team is our greatest asset. We have a team that have a deep knowledge of the sector and highly stand out for their professionalism, dedication and effort to offer the best quality service.

Trust,, in the relationship with customers as with our suppliers supported mainly by fulfilling the commitments required.

Reliability,, we look at the needs of our customers. We find solutions.

Excellence.. we look at the needs of our customers. We find solutions.