Services Nautical sports

In our Nautical Sports Store (See location) we offer to the public a wide selection of products for sport fishing and all water sports, as well as decorative items related to the marine world.

We have in stock:

  • A wide range of different types of ropes, sizes and colors.
  • Variety of pulleys, especially sailing.
  • Specialists in stainless cables and accessories like shackles, snap hooks, swivel, turnbuckles, hemp ...
  • We manufacture all kinds of cables and railings garcias.
  • Wetsuits, wetsuits. Boots and water safety. Gloves.
  • Nautical paints, brushes, sicaflex, adhesives.
  • Boat safety equipment, bilge pumps. Pyrotechnics.
  • Nautical Electronics: Gps, vhf, probes ...
  • Nautical charting.
  • Anodes, grapnels.